Children of Warsaw within Ostrołęka’s Operalia

Children of Warsaw within Ostrołęka’s Operalia

“Children of Warsaw. Songs of the Warsaw Uprising in the arrangement of Włodzimierz Korcz – an exceptional musical story about the Warsaw Uprising seen through the eyes of the Insurgents.

These barricades were not only fought. There was also a daily life here… Among the insurgents, there were thousands of young people, even children. The performance based on songs written during the fighting days is about those children. No other war has left so many beautiful songs: heroic and sublime, like „Hej, chłopcy bagnet na broń”, „Warszawskie Dzieci” or „Marsz Mokotowa”, boisterous like “Pałacyk Michla”, funny like popular “Siekiera, motyka “, often humorous – especially about girls: “Dorota”, “Sanitariuszka Małgorzatka”, “O, Barbaro”, or romantic and longing, like “Deszcz jesienny”. Those songs were banned in post-war Poland for long years, but today, they constitute a very solid and emotional document of those 63 days.

The premiere of the spectacle of the Traugutt Philharmonic took place on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The performance in the new scene was re-enacted in Chicago on the 70th anniversary of the Uprising.

The master arrangements of Włodzimierz Korcz perfectly emphasize the various moods and contents of insurrection songs, and the directing of Ryszard Cieśla and the original costumes will add a unique charm to this event and will move spectators to the insurgent Warsaw.

September 9, in Myszyniec, at 7 p.m. you will see a concert version performed by the Artists of the Romuald Traugutt Philharmonic, the Ostrołęka Chamber Choir and the piano quintet. Narration during the concert will be led by the famous actor – Andrzej Ferenc.

September 10, at Ostrołęka Cultural Center, at 5 p.m., during the finale of the Festival you will see the stage and costume version of this extraordinary spectacle. This event will be at the same time the main point of celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of the Ostrołęka Chamber Choir.

Please note that admission to all events is free!

5 września 2017
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